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944 Turbo


Porsche 944 S2 Central Very nice site for 944 / 944 S2 owners by Tom Boerger.
Darrin's 944 Page. Darrin Smith's 924 / 944 sites. Engine and chassis codes for 1983-88 model 944s.
Porsche 944 Club of the Bay Area Formerly Devilgirl's Home Page.
John Nelson's Home Page John Nelson's Home Page. Pictures of John's 944, a 944 clip art, and a link to a very good article on adding a third brake light to an early 944.
Joseph's Porsche 944 / Turbo Web Site Joe Mitro's home page. Lots of good tips to be found here.
Porsche - Nothing Ever Comes Close Jerry Eberhardt's Page.
The Porsche 944 '85.5 Site Tommy Steele's Home Page.
Steve Timmins Home Page Steve's page could really go under 944 or 944 Turbo.
Bill's 944 Bill Underwood's 944 Page.
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Oz951 Wayne Greham's 951 page. Beautiful fly-yellow 951. Anyone planning a restoration should take a look at Wayne's site.
Slack Jaw Racing Cars and owners of SJR (mostly 951s).
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Darrin Smith's 924 Page Also a link to Darrin's 944 Page.
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All About the 928 S4 History and technical data.
My 1985 Porsche 928 S Dana's Porsche 928 Page
David Wolfe's '88 Porsche 928 S4 Very interesting 928 site.
Doug's 928 Page Small site, but has some good links.
Porsche 928 Kevin Jackson's Page.
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968.net The best 968 resource available.
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Stuttgart Werks A web site dedicated to all things Porsche.

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