My 944 Turbo

How I Became a 944 Owner

Ever since I was a kid in high school, I wanted to own a Porsche. Back then it was the 911 Turbo, which was introduced the year I got my driver's license. I've owned many sports cars over the years and I've loved every one of them. My first sports car was a 1967 MGB. I was constantly fiddling with it, but that was just part of the joy of owning an MG. I subsequently owned a 1967 MGB, 1974 MGB, 1977 MG Midget, and a 1968 Jaguar XKE Roadster. In 1979, I finally kicked the British car habit. It was beginning to make me suicidal.

In the December of 1992, my "sports car" was a 1988 Mustang GT. It was a lot fun but, as many people have come to realize, is also an extremely dangerous car --- good horsepower---poor suspension---no brakes. One day while I was at work a good friend of mine and I decided to drive into town for lunch. When we got to the parking lot, he tossed me the keys to his newly acquired 1985 944 Euro and asked me if I wanted to try it out. Well, my Mustang was posted in the classified section of the local paper the next day. And on January 27, 1993, thanks to my friend Koda, I purchased my first and, as of this publication, only Porsche --- a 1986 944 Turbo.

If I had my way, I'd own one of every Porsche model ever built. But, until I hit the lottery, I'll have to settle for one (or two). This page is for everyone who owns or is considering the purchase of a 944 or 944 Turbo. I'd still like to have a 911 Turbo someday but, if it means giving up my 944 Turbo, I'll never own one.

Clark Fletcher


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