Porsche Repair Facilities
United States
Paxtonia Porsches
Harrisburg, PA

Owner - George Johnson

Voice: 717-671-0911

Rate - $40 / hr ?

It's only George and he works form his house/garage, but he's the best! Never had a better, friendlier or more knowledgable person work on my car. George works on all different models of Porsche as well as Audi. I can't recommend him highly enough. The local Porsche dealer even sends work his way, especially when the cars are older (he has a pristine 911S he bought new with 450K+ miles on it). Even if you live an hour or more away, it's worth the drive.

Brett Messimer

Phil's Automotive, Ltd.
Vera Curz, PA

Owner - ?

Voice: 610-967-5754

Rate - $81/ hr

the best...............can fix any porsche ever made...........has worked on tons....has his own 944 turbo that beat a 2 vipers and a lingenfelter around watkins glen. Rate is 81 dollars an hour........very friendly people and have made quite a name for themselves. you must have 2 references of people who have taken their car to phil's previously in order for them to take your car. They can work on any cars........ANY!!! it depends what is getting done to the car for how long it takes.


220 East Union Street
West Chester, PA 19382

Owner - Paul ?

Voice: 610-738-8804

Rate - $75 / hr ?

Works on 911s and 944s. Does a lot of race work / prep for owners. Talented, honest individual.

Douglas Larsen

John Raysich Porsche Specialties
371 Carol Ave.
Bridgeville, PA 15017 (suburb of Pittsburgh)

Owner - ?

Voice: 610-738-8804

Rate - ?

High quality work. Honest, friendly guy...father and son operation. Unsure of hourly rate.


53B German Avenue
Newtown, PA 18940

Owner - ?


Voice: 215-968-2599
Toll Free: 877-968-2599
Fax: 215-968-0294

Email: rsbarnpete@aol.com

Rate - ?