BODY-20, Stone Guard Removal and Installation

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New stone guards are available from Porsche or many of the aftermarket parts houses offer stone guard kits. You can also purchase 3M Urethane Stone guard material and make your own stone guards using your old stone guards as a pattern. The 3M Stone guard material is also known as Scotchcal. The only problem is that you may have trouble finding someone to sell you the stone guard material in small quantities. You'll need material that is available in at least 12 inch widths. 3M advertises rolls of 12 mil urethane on their web site but, it comes in 20 yard rolls. The 12 mil may be a bit heavy. The part number is PN84712. They also advertise a 6 mil urethane which comes in 40 yard rolls. The 3M part number is PN84812. Personally, I'd shop around for smaller quanities. While I haven't been able to locate them yet, I understand that there are several places that offer sheets of 8 mil urethane in quantities to do two complete sets of stone guards.

Stone guards - Porsche Part Numbers
Part Number
Behind left front wheel well 944 559 321 00
Behind right front wheel well 944 559 322 00
Behind left rear wheel well 944 559 323 00
Behind right rear wheel well 944 559 324 00
In front of left rear wheel well 944 559 325 00
In front of right rear wheel well 944 559 326 00



  1. Using the heat gun, heat one edge of the stone guard until it can be lifted using the plastic putty knife. Keep the heat gun moving back and forth and do not apply excessive heat as it will soften and potentially damage the paint.
  2. Once you get one edge lifted, grasp the edge of the stone guard and pull gently as you apply heat just ahead of the edge that's lifted. Again, keep the heat gun moving, do not heat excessively, and do not apply too much pressure or you will lift the paint along with the stone guard.
  3. If you get to a spot that's stubborn and does not want to lift, apply some of the adhesive remover behind the lifted edge. Continue to apply heat but, do so carefully as most adhesive removers are flammable.
  4. Once the stone guard is completely removed, clean the area with adhesive solvent to remove any remaining adhesive.



    New stone guard material should only be applied to paint that is completely dry and properly cured.

  1. Mix a solution of isopropryl alcohol and water (about 15% alcohol)
  2. Thoroughly clean the area where the stone guard will be applied.
  3. Apply the alcohol solution to the area.
  4. Apply the stone guard and use a squeegee to work out all the air bubbles.
  5. Allow to dry before driving.

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