BODY-23, Rear Hatch Strut Replacement

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The most important part of replacing the rear hatch struts is making sure you have the correct parts. If you get the wrong struts in the wrong location, your interior lights may not work (actually they may stay on continuously) and your rear hatch defroster will not work.



Hood Strut Parts
Part Number
Hatch Strut, Right 924 (1977-1979) 477 827 348 E
Hatch Strut, Right 924/S/T (1980-1988) 477 827 348 F
Hatch Strut, Right 944/S/T (All) 944 512 348 00
Hatch Strut, Left 924/S/T (All) 477 827 349 D
Hatch Strut, Left 944/S/T (All) 944 512 349 00


  1. Open the rear hatch and prop it open using a telescoping hood prop or broom stick cut to appropriate length.
  2. Disconnect the electrical wires from the hatch strut.
  3. Remove the old strut. On late model cars, this can be done by using needle nose pliers to pull back the spring clip on the socket at each end of the strut. The strut will then slide off of the mounts on the body and hatch. On early cars, grasp the body of the strut and unscrew it until it separates from the pivot socket.
  4. Installation of the strut is the reverse of removal.

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