ELECT-24, Stereo - Rear Speaker Replacement

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Rear stereo replacement in a 944 or 968 is a bit of a pain. However, it's just takes a little time and patience. Many folks will tell you that the rear quarter glass MUST be removed. However, that's not true. I've done it removing the rear glass and without removing the rear glass. I really have no preference. I will describe both methods here and let you decide which you feel most comfortable with.


Speaker Removal

  1. Open the door and remove the plastic kick plate strip at the bottom of the door opening. It is held in place by clips and can be removed by sliding your fingers under the clip and pulling up. Do so gently so you don't damage the strip.

  2. Pull the rubber trim off of the back of the door jamb from the bottom of the door to about 3/4 of the way up the door opening.

  3. Remove the Phillips Head screw that is located near the bottom of the door opening in the interior trim panel.

  4. Remove the Phillips Head screw at the base of the trim panel below speaker opening.


    Later 944s are equipped with a shoulder harness for the rear seats. If your car is not equipped with rear shoulder harnesses, skip the following step and go to Step 6.

  5. Open the rear hatch and remove the plastic cover from the rear seat belt shoulder harness mount. Since my car is not equipped with rear shoulder harnesses, the following picture shows the mounting of the front shoulder harness as it is identical. Once you have the plastic cover off, remove the hex head bolt that holds the shoulder harness mount in place.

  6. If your car is NOT equipped with rear shoulder harnesses, it will have a large Phillips Head screw in place of the shoulder harness mount. Remove this screw (1). Also, remove the small Phillips Head screw below and toward the rear of the car (2) from the shoulder harness mounting point.

  7. Remove the rubber cover from the rear seat latch pin. When you remove the cover, you'll see a hex shaped portion of the pin. Use an open end wrench to remove the latch pin.

  8. Remove the two Phillips Head screws at the top of the trim panel.

  9. Use one of the following two options to loosen the interior panel covering from the window opening:

    Option 1

    1. Using a flat tip screwdriver work you way around the perimeter of the rear window (inside the car) lifting up the rubber trim so you can pull the trim panel upholstery away from the lip around the glass. Pull on the upholstery gently so you don't tear it.

    Option 2

    1. Remove the rear quarter glass by lifting up on the rubber trim around the window (inside the car) while gently pushing out on the window. Start at the lower back corner of the window. Be careful when you push on the window as it is possible to break the window.

  10. The speaker panel should now be free to be pulled away from the body. Realize that the seat belt is still inserted through the opening in the panel. So, as you pull the panel out, you'll have to work around it.
  11. Remove the screws that hold the speakers into the body behind the trim panel. The speaker may be mounted on plastic bushings. Be sure not to drop the bushings as you remove the screws. On later cars, the factory 4x6 speakers are mounted in a bracket that can be removed to allow the installation of a larger speaker.
  12. Once the screws are removed, disconnect the wires from the back of the speaker and remove the speaker from the car.


  1. Attach the speaker wires to the back of the speaker.
  2. Mount the speaker in the panel using the four mounting screws. If the speaker you removed was mounting with plastic bushings, make sure you install the bushings when you install the speaker.
  3. Test the speaker before proceeding.
  4. Push the speaker trim panel into place. Install the panel trim around the window as follows:

    Rear Window Not Removed

    1. Lift the rubber trim around the rear window as you push the trim panel upholstery under the rubber trim.

    Rear Window Removed

    1. Install the rear window glass by wrapping a piece of heavy string around three sides of the window inside the groove of the rubber trim piece (top, front, and bottom side but not the back side).
    2. Insert the back edge of the glass into the window opening with the groove of the rubber trim piece on the lip of the window opening (ends of the string on the inside of the car).
    3. While holding the glass against the outside of the car, start pulling one end of the string from inside the car. This will pull the rubber trim piece over the lip of the window opening.

  5. Install the five small Phillips Head screws for the trim panel
  6. Install the rear seat latch pin.
  7. Install the rear seat belt mount (if equipped) or large Phillips Head screw insert.
  8. Push the rubber door trim molding over the door jamb and speaker panel trim.
  9. Install the plastic kick panel strip.


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