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INFO-02, Sealants


The following is a list of sealants used on Porsche 924s, 944, and 968 and their applications. You can probably find a number of acceptable aftermarket replacements. However, these are the ones that are "approved" for use by Porsche.

Part Number
043 010 00 Loctite 574 Engine Block halves, Oil Pump housing, Balance Shaft covers, Oil Dipstick guide tube, Balance Shaft sprocket retaining bolts
043 011 00 Loctite 638 Originally intended for use on Balance Shaft covers and is still listed in some older copies of the factory shop manuals. However, has been replaced by Loctite 574.
000 043 019 01 Silastic 730 RTV / Dow Corning 730 Both sides of the corners of the oil pan gasket. Brutally expensive. I have used Permatex Ultra Grey instead with good success.
N/A Dow Corning 111 Not specifically recommended by Porsche. However, it's a good idea to lubricate all o-rings and seals on installation to improve their sealing properties and to allow them to move as they expand and contract.
N/A Loctite 270 Oil pan insert bolts (M5), Water Pump to Crankcase bolts (M6), Reference Mark Sensor stud on flywheel
N/A Loctite 221 Rotor to camshaft connector retaining screw (M4), Camshaft connector to Camshaft Sprocket Dog retaining screw (M5)
N/A Loctite 262 Main Oil Duct end plugs sealing surfaces

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