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Air Filter Housing Removal and Installation

Balance Shaft


Belt - General Information

Belt Removal

Belt Installation

Belt Tensioning

Sprocket Installation and Alignment Check

Oil Seal Replacement


Camshaft Assembly Installation

Camshaft Assembly Oil Seal Replacement

Camshaft Assembly Removal

Timing Belt General Information

Timing Belt Installation

Timing Belt Removal

Timing Belt and Balance Shaft Belt Tensioning

Chain Tensioner Replacement (16V)

Cooling System

Diagram and Description - 944

Diagram and Description - 944 Turbo

System Draining, Filling, and Venting

Fan Operation and Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Cooling System Problems

Radiator Removal and Installation

Thermofan Switch Replacement

Thermostat Information, Testing, and Replacement

Water Pump Information and Replacement


Front Oil Seal Replacement

Rear Oil Seal Replacement

Crank Scraper Installation

Cylinder Head and Head Gasket

Cylinder Head and Head Gasket Installation

Cylinder Head and Head Gasket Removal

Torque Specifications and Tightening Sequence

Engine Mounts



Engine Removal

Engine Installation

Exhaust System Removal and Installation

Flywheel Lock Installation

Intake Manifold Removal and Installation

Oil and Filter Replacement

Oil Cooler

General Information and Seal Replacement

Oil Cooler Pressure Testing - Normally Aspirated Cars

New Style Oil Cooler O-Rings

Oil Flow Diagram

Oil Pan Gasket Replacement

Oil Pressure

General Information and Troubleshooting

Oil Pressure Relief Valve General Information

Sensor Replacement

Oil Pump Removal and Installation

Starting and Running Troubleshooter

Top Dead Center (TDC)

Locating and Setting Engine to TDC


Replacement (Including Tips for Aftermarket Turbos)

K26 Turbocharger Identification



Fabricating and Installing Shims

Removal and Installation



Air Flow Sensor

Operation and Testing

Removal and Installation

Distributor Cap and Rotor Replacement

DME (Fuel Pump)_Relay Technical Information and Testing

Fuel and Vacuum Line Routing

1985.5 and Newer (Normally-Aspirated)

16V Cars

944 Turbo

Fuel Filter Replacement

Fuel Injector

General Information

Fuel Injector and Fuel Rail Removal and Installation

Fuel Gauge Indication Problems and Repair

Fuel Pressure


Adapter for Non-Metric Thread Fuel Pressure Gauges

Fuel Pressure Regulator Information and Replacement

Fuel Pump

Checking Pump Delivery Rate

Fuel Pump Replacement

Suction Strainer Removal, Cleaning, and Replacement

Fuel System Leakdown Test


Idle Speed Adjustment

Idle Control Motor (Idle Stabilizer) Replacement


Ignition Switch and Wiring Test

Ignition Switch Replacement

Ignition System Troubleshooting

Spark Plugs - Checking and Replacement

Speed / Reference Sensors - General Information, Checking, Replacement, & Adjustment




Alarm System Bypassing

Alternator Replacement


Battery Checks

Battery Tray Leaks / Repair

Excessive Battery Discharge Rate

Clock Removal and Replacement

Cruise Control Information and Repair

Engine Computers (DME and KLR)

Chip Installation (Including KLR chip for Turbos)

Computer Removal and Installation

DME Wiring Diagram - 944

DME Wiring Diagram - 944 Turbo


Pre-1985.5 Fuse List

1985.5 and Newer Fuse List


Pre-1985.5 Gauge Removal

1985.5 and Newer Gauge Removal

Gauge Troubleshooting


Motor Circuit Operation and Repair

Motor Removal, Cleaning, and Installation

Operating Mechanism Linkage Lubrication

Odometer Repair

Oxygen Sensor Information, Testing, and Replacement

Rear Hatch Defroster Troubleshooting


Sensor and Gauge Information, Troubleshooting, and Testing

Throttle Position Switch Information, Troubleshooting, Replacement, and Adjustment


Speedometer, Gear Ratio, and Tire Size Calculator

Speedometer, Gear Ratio, and Tire Size Manual Calculations


Checking Starter Operation

Removal and Installation

Turn Signals - Common Problems and Repairs






Air Bag System Testing

Air Bag Warning Light Reset

Bumper Cover Removal (951)

Cargo Cover Repair

Color Codes

Interior Color Codes

Exterior Paint Codes


Replacement (Pre-1985.5)

Replacement (1985.5 and Newer)

Door Handle Removal, Installation, and Adjustment

Door Panel Removal and Installation

Heating, Ventilation, and A/C

Air Conditioning System Operation and Troubleshooting

Heater Core Removal and Replacement

Heater Malfunctions

Temperature Control Unit Removal and Replacement

Hood Crest Removal and Installation

Hood Insulation Removal

Hood Strut Information and Replacement

Mirror Removal and Installation

Nose Panel (Between Headlights) Removal and Installation


Paint Codes

Painting a 944

Rear Hatch

Repairing a Squeaking or Rattling Rear Hatch

Rear Hatch Strut Replacement


Head Unit and Speaker Replacement Guide

Rear Speaker Replacement

Steering Wheel Removal and Installation

Stone Guard Removal and Installation


Operation, Troubleshooting, and Repair

Sunroof Component Testing

Plastic Gear Replacement

Windows (Electric) Troubleshooting and Switch Repair




Clutch Disc Wear Check


Clutch Master Cylinder Replacement

Slave Cylinder Replacement and Bleeding



Changing Manual Transmission Fluid

Shift Lever and Shift Linkage Repair and Replacement

Transmission Removal and Installation

Torque Tube Removal, Rebuilding, and Installation



Checking the Brake System

Checking Brake Pad Thickenss and Brake Pad Replacement

Fluid Replacement and Bleeding

Master Cylinder Replacement

Parking Brake Adjustment

Rotors - Inspecting and Replacing


Control Arms

General Information, Rebuilding, and Aftermarket Replacements

Removal and Installation

CV Joints

CV Joint Boot Inspection

General Information, Removal, Installation, and Maintenance

Front Strut Removal and Installation

Power Steering Pump Replacement

Power Steering Rack



Rear Shock Replacement

Suspension Upgrades

Sway Bars

Front Sway Bar Removal and Installation

Rear Sway Bar Removal and Installation

Torsion Bar Removing, Replacing, and Reindexing

Wheel Bearings

Front - Checking, Adjustment, Repacking, and Replacement

Rear Bearing Replacement - Steel Trailing Arms

Rear Bearing Replacement - Aluminum Trailing Arms





TS-01, Engine (includes Oil Pressure problems)

TS-02, Cooling System

TS-03, Fuel System

TS-04, Clutch

TS-05, Manual Transmission

TS-06, Automatic Transmission

TS-07, Brakes

TS-08, Suspension and Steering

TS-09, Electrical (including Instruments)

TS-10, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)



951 Engine Performance Modifications


Allen Head and Cheesehead Bolt Removal

Constructing a Camera Bar

Jacking a 944 / Placing a 944 on Jack Stands

Maintenance Schedule

Option Codes


924 - 1976 to 1979

924 - 1980 to 1985

924S - 1986 to 1988

944 - 1982 to 1985

944 - 1985 to 1988

944 - 1989 to 1991



Towing Information and Towing Eye