STEER-02, Power Steering Pump Replacement

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I'd like to express my appreciation to Erik Ohrnberger who authored this procedure. As always, procedures submitted by other owners are always welcome. Thanks Erik.

Foreword by Author

I just recently did this work. In my case, the two hoses that connect to the reservoir were old and leaking, as well as the power steering pump. From what I've learned talking to the experts at the shop, it's a fairly common problem with 944s.

Are you sure that the reservoir is the part that's leaking? It would seem to me that the hoses have more of a history of leaking rather than the reservoir, as it's a single, solid, plastic part, and not prone to leaking.

A DIY mechanic should be able to do the work with little problem (depending on how small and nimble yours hands are), provided that you have the needed tools and needed spare parts. You'll have to make sure that you get the right hoses, as these part numbers are for a my 944, and not a turbo.

Here is a picture from the PET CD:

Getting short hose in place (#26) is really easy. The harder one is the longer one (#39) is harder. The hardest part is to get the clamp on way up the fender well back on. I managed with a slight tap with a hammer on the mounting clip. Another thing to note is that it's easier to have everything connected loosely so that you can wiggle on all the connections that you need to make before tightening everything down and restricting movement.


  1. Remove lower plastic splash guards (have to do this any time that you want access to the bottom 1/2 of the engine).
  2. Remove the right front plastic inner fender cover, so you'll have better access.
  3. Remove clamp on hose #26 down by the pump. Be ready to catch the ATF that will be coming out.
  4. Loosen the two pump pivot bolts that attach the pump to the engine.
  5. Loosen the pump side of the belt tensioning bracket, and then remove the pump belt from the pump.
  6. Once the ATF has drained out, loosen the two reservoir clamps and remove the two hoses. Remove the reservoir from the car for a throughout clearing with mineral spirits, and lastly, soap water and a through hot water rinse. Set aside and let dry completely before re-installation.
  7. Loosen and remove the pump bolts and the pump by letting it swing down.
  8. Remove all the parts on the old pump that you will need to put on your new pump.
  9. Fish out hose #39, as well as hose #26 being sure to remove all the mounting clamps that you can find.
  10. Replace house #39 first, as it's harder, and then hose #26, make sure to have the hose clamps and mounting clamps back on where you'll need them.
  11. Mount all the parts on the new pump.
  12. Bolt #8 is a strange one. You need to make sure that it's very tight otherwise, the power steering fluid will leak out.
  13. Remount the pump.
  14. Connect the hoses to the pump.
  15. Connect the pump belt and tensioner. You should still be able to have a 1/4" deflection on the belt, so it's not too tight.
  16. Tighten all the hose connections and the hose mounting clamps, including the ones to the reservoir.
  17. Tighten the reservoir mounting down.
  18. Fill with ATF Dexron as specified by the owner's manual.
  19. Idle engine and watch the fluid level drop, add fluid as needed.
  20. While idling, turn the steering wheel back and forth to work out any air in the system.
  21. Add fluid as needed.
  22. Inspect for leaks, and re-tighten hose clamps as needed.
  23. Once all the leaks are gone, lower the car so that there is some weight on the front wheels. Turn the steering wheel back and forth again while weight is on the front tires to stress the power steering a little bit.
  24. Raise the car, and inspect for leaks, and re-tighten hose clamps as needed.
  25. Remount the plastic fender inner liner as well as the plastic splash guards again.

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