This is what happens if your timing belt fails. In my case the timing belt tensioner roller stud sheared flush with the block.

This is a side view of the cylinder head. All four exhaust valves are bent. The valve in front (#4 Exhaust) is the worst of the four. If you look closely you can see the valve stem.
This pictures shows the tops of the pistons. Note the gouges from the exhaust valves in the lower right hand corner of each dish in the piston.
This picture shows five exhaust valves. The one in the middle is a used stock 944 Turbo Exhaust valve. While there are deposits at the base of the valve stem, the stock valve is at least straight. The two valves on either side of the stock valve are the "big" exhaust valves which I removed from the cylinder head.
This is a picture of the tensioner as it came out of the car. You can't see the nut on the back side of the tensioner which is one of the retaining nuts for the oil pump. The stud had about another 1" of threads that, at the time this picture was taken was still in the block.
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