Working on Your Car

Reference Material

If you're going to work on your own car, there is reference material available that will make your life much simpler. The 924, 944, and 928 Models 1977 - 1988 Parts and Technical Reference Catalog is a valuable tool for ordering parts. The part number for the catalog is PNA 000 147 A.

The 944 Factory Shop Manuals are very useful and very expensive. However, the price continues to come down. The six volume set is now available for around $225 US. If you have a turbo model, you'll also need the turbo supplement which costs around $50 US. While the shop manuals are very nice to have, there are many jobs which can still be done without them. The shop manuals are available in the United States because of the "Freedom of Information Act" passed by the U.S. Congress. However, the manuals are still unavailable in most countries outside the United States.

Haynes makes a manual for the 944 which is available at most major auto parts stores for under $15 US. The Haynes manual does not provide procedures for many jobs which they feel are beyond the capability of the home mechanic. However, the procedures they do provide have good detail and good pictures. The Haynes manual is written based on an early model (pre-85.5), so you will discover differences if you're working on a later model or turbocharged car.

Recommended Tools

There are a number of tools I have purchased to work on my 944. In addition to a complete set (or two) of metric sockets and combination wrenches, there are a number of "special" tools which you'll need to work on your 944. Below is a list of some of those tools, what they are used for, and where they can be obtained. Refer to the Tool Source list for addresses and phone numbers of tool suppliers.

Used For
Part Number
8mm Cheesehead (also called Triple Square and 12 point internal) Pressure Plate to Flywheel bolts / CV Joint bolts Snap-On
10mm Cheesehead Camshaft sprocket bolt Snap-On
12mm Cheesehead Flywheel to crankshaft bolts Snap-On
6mm Long Allen Head Cam Housing / Intake Manifold Snap-On FAML6E
6mm Long Allen Ball Head Intake Manifold / Turbocharger mounting bolts Snap-On FABLM6E
5mm Long Allen Ball
Throttle body / Turbo Air Filter Housing Snap-On FABLM5E
8mm Allen Head Cam Housing Plugs Snap-On FAM8E or
15/16" or 24mm medium / deep(Optimum Overall length is 2 to 2-1/4") Crankshaft Pulley bolt ------ ------
15/16" or 24 mm open end bent thin head* Timing and balance belt eccentric rollers Baum Tool T9A-24B
1-1/16" or 27 mm open end bent thin head* Timing and balance belt eccentric rollers Baum Tool T9A-27B
15/16" or 24 mm open end (Modified 6" long, thin head) Oil Pressure Sending Unit ------ ------
1-1/4" or 32mm open end Oil Cooler Lines (Turbo) Craftsman
Other Tools
Belt Tensioning Tool Timing (pre-'87), Balance (All), Alternator, Power Steering Belts Sonnen
P 9201
Balance Shaft Pin Spanner Removing Balance Shaft Sprockets Sonnen
P 9200
Flywheel lock (Engine In) Removing and installing Crankshaft bolt Sonnen
P 9206
Flywheel Lock (Engine Out) Locking Crankshaft with engine removed. Baum
P 9130

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* May need one or both of these tools depending on type of rollers installed.

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